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PeniCap dimensions


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PeniCap Dimensions

The PeniCap must fit quite exactly to the individual dimensions for good comfot and proper function. The personal measurement data are therefore required. Every PeniCap is individually made, as a single piece by a manufacturing technique which is quite complex. A plaster negative, which is made first, can only be used once for one mould. Therefore a re-order or an order for several exemplars is not cheaper

PeniCap models in white, light-blue or black plastics. Light colors are prone to color changes in long term wearing.

The PeniCap can only be locked by a special Lustlock padlock type, etiher in gold or silver version. Delivery with a padlock of your choice, inlcuding two keys. No copies or reorder possible!

In case of an order (see shop) you must fill in the measured values (a, b, c, d, e) under "comment".

  1 (soft) 2 (hard)


Explanation measurement form:

Measure in a
1. average limp condition
2. average erected condition

Penisshaft at most narrow diameter in right angle to shaft:
a: shaft diameter from above
b: shaft diameter from side

c: largest diameter from above
d: length distance from front to rear
e: distance between urethral opening (rear end) and rear PA-opening (front end)

Take measurements best with a slide caliper
Don't press or deform when measuring!!

Form to download and print

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