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Padlock Types

The Lustlock Padlock bases on a small brass precision padlock (made in Germany). It is elaborately refined by Lustlock. Each type is avavailable in a "silver" (silver on palladium) and in a "golden" (18kt gold ) version.

The golden locks are coated with a 15 micron hard gold plaque, the silver with a Palladium /Rhodium cover. The covers are antilallergenic. All corners and edges are rounded. The locks are airportsafe due to their small volume and brass content.

The haps of the locks A, B, C is made of polished, pure Titanium Gr. 2. The hasp of lock N is brass with a cover

All locks come with two keys. The keys cannot be reorderd. Keys for golden locks available in steel oder gold version.

All locks may have an individual engravement.

Precise dimensions of locks see under Dimensionen. Weight: 17 g

Examples of lock application see under Padlocks for Piercings and Padlocks for Zips

Some type of locks see below. All available combinations see under shop.

Padlocks for Piercings: Type N, A, B, C

gold 18kt hardplaque or silver. original brass hasp coated, not removable.

gold 18kt hardplaque or silver. titanium hasp as loop, 15 mm diameter, removable.



gold 18kt hardplaque or silver. titanium hasp as loop, 22 mm diameter, angled, removable.

gold 18kt hardplaque or silver. titanium hasp long as long, curved parallel loop, var. lengths, 45-75mm, removable.

all locks in gold optional also with golden keys  

Padlocks for Zips: Type Z


brass, gold 18kt hardplaque or silver. hasp titanium, removable



Examples of personal engravements. Possible on every N, A, B, C Padlock. On request also on keys.


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