Care Instruction for Lustlock-Padlocks

IMPORTANT: Before first use, clean lock with alcohol or another disinfectant solution. Locks are not sterile.

Care of the padlock:

In the wet or humid climate near your intimate parts, the lock has to be cared regularly.

The lock is resistant to urine and wetness. But to prevent sedimentations at the outer and inner mechanical parts, you should clean the lock at least every fortnight.

Clean it with warm water, soap and a small brush (toothbrush), and let it dry.
Afterwards oil all mechanical components with a penetrating oil spray, like WD40 for example, and turn forth and back the cylinder and the shackle to spread the oil. Remove excess oil at outer parts afterwards.

The lock must be oiled! Oil the lock regularly, especially during wearing, even if you don’t open. Mechanical parts can get stuck otherwise.

As an alternative you may use ultrasound cleaning for a periodical, thorough cleaning. Most opticians have an ultrasound cleaning bath for cleaning dirty frames of glasses.

Ok, now we wish you a chaste, pleasurable time, and lots of exciting moments 🙂

the best chastity device is the one you only realize at the moment you’d like to be open.