Care of the Penicap

Daily cleaning

The PeniCap gets wet by urine several times daily. If urine can’t dry immediately, unpleasant smells will develop. Shower or bathing daily cleans the mounted PeniCap well. Put soap cream from outside on, bring it in with your small finger, browse through with the shower.

Weekly cleaning

for a thorough cleaning you have to take off the PeniCap. Soap and brush it from inside, best with a toothbrush.

During longer use, sediments of urine (urine scale) will develop. To remove these put the PeniCap every 2-4 weeks in a urine descale removing solution, as it is used for toilet cleaning and lime removal (contains acetic acid). Rinse with water after cleaning thoroughly.

The penicap can be washed in a dishwasher up to 55°.

The Penicap is solvent resistant: Alcohol, benzine. Not against Salmiac (ammonium chloride) and Acetone: Colour bleaching!

Don’t forget to oil the lock regularly, even if not opened.

The lock should be cleaned also regularly and oiled. Clean also in an ultrasound bath from time to time for thorough cleaning.