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MEASUREMENT CHART for Penicap dimensions

Measurements & Sizes

The Penicap chastity cage dimensions are made according the most common sizes of penis of different indivduals, due to our longstanding experience and knowledge of their variety. Our 7 sizes in 2mm increments cover about 99% of all sizes we have ever met. The correct measurement of the circumference behind the glans is most important for a good functionality and comfort.


How to take a measurement:

Measure your penis in warm condition:  average flaccid and also in erect condition.
Take with a CALIPER distances of the penisshaft in two planes behind the glans at the most narrow diameter and place the caliper without compression. Measure several times, and take an average of all measurements.
If you still have a foreskin , measure with the rolled back foreskin.
A  caliper tool is essential to take correct measurements!

Measure your FLACCID and SMALL penis in warm condition in mm:
Take Diameter 1 and 2

The LARGER of the diameters 1 or 2 = SIZE of PENICAP  (according table below)

if you are between sizes, choose the smaller one.

Examples :
Flaccid penis with largest diameter behind glans: 32 mm = Penicap Size  5
Flaccid penis with largest diameter behind glans: 27 mm = Penicap Size  3

Attention: If your penis has a strong difference between soft and hard state diameter:
more than 5 mm:         1 size larger
more than 8 mm:        2 sizes larger

  • The Penicap does not work properly, if the size was chosen too large:  As a rule the Penicap must be smaller at least 3 mm than the full erect penis.
  • You may choose the Penicap also a bit smaller than recommended. But never smaller than 3 mm less than the recommended size, otherwise discomfort will be likely.
  • If you are in between two sizes, choose the smaller one.
  • Men with a foreskin (foreskin MUST be loose, or problems will arise) must consider the volume of the foreskin, and measure with the foresking rolled back.


Inner Dimensions of Penicap:

replaces old sizing A-F, since introduction of a new size


Internal diameter Penicap  in mm,
smallest diameter of shaft behind glans



Diameter in mm (average)

Diameter in inches






















Table to download and print

Conversion table mm to inches

Outer Dimensions of Penicaps:

Outer dimensions short tube version: from 45 x 37 x 48 mm to 57 x 51 x 64 mm (W x H x L, incl. lock housing), acc. to model size.

Outer dimensions long tube version: from 45 x 37 x 66 mm  to 57 x 51 x 92 mm (W x H x L, incl. lock housing), acc. to model size.

Examples of correct sizing: Flaccid

Loose fit of the penicap

Example of correct sizing: Hard

Tight fit of the penicap