Chastity lifestyle- a game, for fun , for earnest?

Chastity- the abstinence of sex and masturbation can be by your own will or by someone’s else. Or by your will, executed by someone else.

The products, which Lustlock have developed, are made for seriousness. Not just for a show and bedtime pleasure. It means, they can be used for long term use, without restriction by different situations in life. At work, at sports, in bed, in shower, in holidays, in airport, at sleep.

Chastitybelt, cages, locks etc. are usually regarded as a genre of sex toys. Most of them are. Ours not. Of course, you can get rid of it by a strong cutting plier or a saw (which is also necessary in case of an emergency, accident etc).

But before you do this, you have no chance to cheat. Neither to you, nor to your keyholder, mistress, wife and so on. And you have to wear until you get the key.

This makes the fascinations of high quality toys, which can be used as non-toys. The thrill, you cannot escape, even if you want. Or if you destroy it, you are convicted as guilty….

If you live chaste for a long time (this means specifically here without orgasms) and this items help to fulfill this, there will become changes in your pyschical behaviour. The urge for porno consume, bondage, bdsm etc. decreases. You slowly start to forget about this things- because the end point in the sexual sequence, the orgasm, which can be triggered in most case only by stimulation of the penis, clitoris or vagina, is not achievable. If these “end organs” are blocked, most individuals cannot achieve an orgasm. If you had a behaviour of wanking or sex addiction before, a “blockade” can bring you back to a lower level of libido, with a reversion of your energy and time to other interests, which can for some people, who suffer from such an addiction, very helpful and in their interest.

Your behaviour to your keyholder will change too. Many observations in couples, which have discovered chastity devices, report the same: The man (who is enclosed in most of the cases) develops to a more attentive, more friendly, loving subject towards his wife or partner. Just because he is locked- and opened only by the will of his woman. Of course he gives allowance to be locked. But as soon he is in, the woman will learn soon, how “valuable” this tiny piece around his penis is for her. And it will be difficult for him, that she will renounce this in future.
But the good thing is also for him, he will enjoy his situation also- the thrill to be locked, the excitement to be unlocked. And his slow changes in a better man- he will acknowledge his changes in a positive way too.

This doesn’t turn him particularly into a slave. Yes, in sexual manners spoken, his a slave now. But not as a person- he can still be a man, even a dominant one in other respects of live and partnership. He only gives power away about his penis.

For a man who is by nature a general, submissive subject, a devotee to his wife in every respect, it’s no question that he will accept to be enclosed all time.

written by Nimo
based on reports and feedbacks from couples, who perform serious chastity lifestyle