The Lustlock Padlock bases on a small brass precision padlock (made in Germany). It is elaborately refined by Lustlock. Each type is avavailable in a “silver” (silver on palladium) and in a “golden” (18kt gold) version.

The golden locks are coated with a 15 micron hard gold plaque, the silver with a Palladium /Rhodium cover. The covers are antilallergenic. All corners and edges are rounded. The locks are airportsafe due to their small volume and brass content.

The shackles of the locks A, B, C are made of polished, pure Titanium Gr. 2. The shackle of lock N is brass with a cover of gold or silver.

All locks come with two keys. The keys cannot be reorderd. Keys for golden locks available in steel oder gold version.

All locks may have an individual engravement.

Precise dimensions of locks see under Dimensionen. Weight: 17 g

Examples of lock application see under Padlocks for Piercings and Padlocks for Zips

Some type of locks see below. All available combinations see under shop.

Padlocks for Piercings: Type N, A, B, C


Gold 18kt hardplaque or silver coated brass body. All corners and edges rounded. Shackle coated brass, shackle not removable.


Gold 18kt hardplaque or silver coated brass body. All corners and edges rounded. Titanium shackle as loop, 15 mm diameter, removable, plane or angled 30° in the second plane.


Gold 18kt hardplaque or silver coated brass body. All corners and edges rounded. Titanium shackle as loop, 22 mm diameter, removable, plane or angled 30° in the second plane.


Gold 18kt hardplaque or silver coated brass body. All corners and edges rounded. Titanium shackle long as long, curved parallel loop, var. lengths 45-75mm, removable.

all locks in gold optional also with golden keys

Padlocks for Zips: Type Z


Gold 18kt hardplaque or silver coated brass, or plain brass. All corners and edges rounded. Shackle titanium, removable.


Examples of personal engravements. Possible on every N, A, B, C Padlock. On request also on keys.

Padlocks for Piercings

The padlocks Type A, B, C and N were especially developped for piercings in the genital area.

Female labiae piercings may be locked directly if enlarged to 3mm , by type A, B, N or  Z.
Or indirect locking of piercing rings by type N, C or Z (also possible with A or B).

Male Piercings (Prince Albert, Frenum, Guiche, Hafada in various combinations) may be locked directly or indirectly with type A or B, or you may add a small chain in between.

The locks are made for great wearing comfort. Also in the humid intimate area there is no corrosion. All edges and corners are rounded. The lock’s surface is antiallergenic. The weight is very low with 17g. The locks are airportsafe.

Examples of “applications”:


Typ B

Typ N

Typ C

Typ N


Typ A

Typ A

Examples for inappropriate locks

Sharp edged, heavy, allergenic


or do you prefer the more uncomfortable style?

You don’t have yet a piercing for genital padlocks? We recommend our partner studiio, XS-Bodyart, Basel, Switzerland.

Padlocks for Zips


Brass, gold 18kt Hardplaque or silver. hasp titanium, removable

Closure of a Zip with the Z-lock


    • zipper width not larger than 8mm
    • zipper’s tape accessible at both sides of zipper in a distance of ca. 10mm
  • some handicraft skill needed to implement the instructions below

The Z-lock is a small security lock with a removable, specially bent hasp. The lock can be added to any existing zipper, which meets the conditions mentioned above.

It has a good fit to the zipper, and will not stand out. The lock is rounded, so no damage to the shoes or clothes will happen. The hasp has a tight fit to the zipper and can’t be felt inside.

The shoes or clothes can be worn also without a lock after modification; the tiny holes are almost invisible.

Possible application: shoes, clothes, bags, etc.

what does this mean for sub’s and slaves: no more clandestine removal of shoes or clothes!

How to mount the lock on a clinging zipper of tight fitting dress or shoe:

Due to its special shape the hasp can be laced in on the already dressed shoe, e.g.

Manual for modification of a existing zipper to mount a Z-lock

The zipper’s slider is in its most upper position. The slider’s pull tab is turned downward.

At the end of the tab make a mark with a crayon onto the zippers’s tape left and right of the zipper closure, symmetrically. Pull away the the overlapping borders of the leather or textile. Control the position by placing the lock’s hasp for a trial. The overlapping borders may not be perforated!

Heat the included pin at its tip only, whilst keeping it at the other end, with a gas flame (best method). The pin will not get hot at the grip’s end in a while. If it’s  becoming to hot, cool it in a glass of water and start again.

If the tip of the pin is hot enough, burn a hole at the marked position at either side of the zipper through the tape. Burning the holes instead of punching has the advantage, that the holes will not fray. You may also punch the holes if you prefer.

Be careful with light coloured zipper tapes! Make a test hole first inside in the tape, which is not seen.

Padlock Dimensions

Type N: original brass shackle covered gold or silver, plane, not removable

Type A: Shackle in loop form, plane or 30° angled, Titanium, removable from lock

Type B: Shackle in loop form, plane or angled 30°, Titanium, removable from lock

Type C: Shackle in parallel form, titanium, curved, various lenghts 45- 75 mm, removable from lock

Type Z : Angled short hasp, titanium, removable from lock

Care Instruction for Lustlock-Padlocks

IMPORTANT: Before first use, clean lock with alcohol or another desinfectant solution. Locks are not sterile.

Care of the padlock:

In the wet or humid climate near your intimate parts, the lock has to be cared regularly.

The lock is resistant to urine and wetness. But to prevent sedimentations at the outer and inner mechanical parts, you should clean the lock at least every fortnight.

Clean it with warm water, soap and a small brush (toothbrush), and let it dry.
Afterwards oil all mechanical components with a penetrating oil spray, like WD40 for example, and turn forth and back the cylinder and the shackle to spread the oil. Remove excess oil at outer parts afterwards.

The lock must be oiled! Oil the lock regularly, especially during wearing, even if you don’t open. Mechanical parts can get stuck otherwise.

As an alternative you may use ultrasound cleaning for a periodical, thorough cleaning. Most opticians have a ultrasound cleaning bath for cleaning dirty frames of glasses.

Ok, now we wish you a chaste, pleasurable time, and lots of exciting moments 🙂

the best chastity device is the one you only realize in the moment you’ d like to be open…

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