Padlocks for Piercing

Padlocks for Piercings

The padlocks Type A, B, C and N were especially developped for piercings in the genital area, for men or women. For women, locking of the labiae, by a pair or a a parallel row of piercings rings, or men can be locked by foreskin piercings, by a Prince Albert etc.

Female labiae piercings may be locked directly if enlarged to 3mm , by type A, B, N or  Z.
Or indirect locking of piercing rings by type N, C or Z (also possible with A or B).

Male Piercings (Prince Albert, Frenum, Guiche, Hafada in various combinations) may be locked directly or indirectly with type A or B, or you may add a small chain in between.

The locks are made for great wearing comfort. Also in the humid intimate area there is no corrosion. All edges and corners are rounded. The lock’s surface is antiallergenic. The weight is very low with 17g. The locks are airportsafe.

Examples of “applications”:


Typ B

Typ N

Typ C

Typ N


Typ A

Typ A

Examples for inappropriate locks

Sharp edged, heavy, allergenic


or do you prefer the more uncomfortable style?

You don’t have yet a piercing for genital padlocks? We recommend our partner studiio, XS-Bodyart, Basel, Switzerland.