The Penicap, a unique chastity cage for piercings in various sizes (see dimensions), is a own development of in collaboration with a specialized piercing studio for genital and chastity piercing in Switzerland.

A penis cage system, which is fixed on a Prince Albert or Frenum Piercing, and without any ball clamps. A unique solution for serious, long term male chastity: comfort, safety, hygiene, everyday usability.

COMPULSORY PRECONDITIONS for a Penicap chastity cage are a:

  • PRINCE ALBERT PIERCING  of 5 mm or 8 mm (4 or 0 G)
  • FRENUM PIERCING of 3mm (9 G)
  • CIRCUMCISED or LOOSE FORESKIN (which can be worn permanently rolled back)

VERSIONS of the PENICAP chastity cage:

chastity cage


Function and Description of the Penicap

The glans is protected by a anatomical formed, hard-case thermoplast lightweight mould, in which the glans gets locked by a pin, which replaces the Prince Albert piercing. The mould is in some dimensions slightly undersized to your measurements. The erected glans gets clamped in the specially designed housing, and will not move forth or back anymore. The pin is locked outside of the case by a tiny, special designed security lock. The case inhibits any manipulation, touching, caressing, pumping etc of the glans. Only in a limp state a movement of the shaft and glans against the housing is possible.

Prince-Albert Version (PA):

PA Version (Prince Albert) in 5 mm (4G) or 8 mm (0 G) pin size: Short- or long shaft available, which is, depending on the size, 24 – 28 mm longer. The long version is recommendable for men, who can masturbate by stroking the shaft without glans touching. But: it means also more volume, which is a slight drawback of the brilliant comfort of the short version. The long version is slightly more difficult to mount: insertion of the PA pin needs more training. How to mount a PA penicap see here

Penicap PA short version

Penicap PA long version

Frenum Version (FR):

Frenum Version: Condition is a strong tissue bridge over the frenum (or it may tear) , and a 3mm piercing (9 G). No further Prince Albert fixation necessary. Works only in combination with the long shaft variant of the Penicap, because Frenum piercings are somewhat moveable and do not give such a precise fixation like a PA piercing. How to mount a frenum penicap see here


All existing other male chastity devices like the CB’s, full cover models etc., have essential drawbacks for everyday usability. The well known problems are insufficient functionality, protection against masturbation or ways to escape. Chafing, bulky volume, poor hygiene, uncomfortable, harmful for health (models with clamping behind the testicles may constrict and retain venous testicular blood flow, and have a permanent high pressure on the skin), are the major drawbacks.

Some males succeed to cum also in a chastity cage, by stroking the shaft alone above the cage. But it makes it difficult, and for the majority unpossible to cum. But for those intractables we have developed the long shaft model…

Wearing Time

The Penicap is made to be worn for unlimited time and in every possible life situation: sports, cycling, riding, swimming, etc.. It can be worn under tight jeans. It is airport safe. The penicap is comfortable, the wearer gets quickly adopted and will not notice the presence of a Penicap.


Just under erections you will feel the sensation of pressure on your glans. The Penicap allows erections, but they are not painful. To allow erections (especially in sleep) is more sound than to hamper them, what most other chastity device do. And more erotical in play (teasing and denial…)
Sleep may be interrupted in the beginning of wearing, but subsides in a few days.


Easily possible. Also peeing in standing position is possible with a fairly good jet through the front hole. Mop up remaining drops of urine with a piece of toilet paper. The inside can dry by the perforated and ventilated design.


The cage comes in 7 different sizes, in short and long version, for 5mm or 8 mm PA-pins.
Chart of inner dimensions and how to choose your size see dimensions


total ca. 30 gr inc. lock

Versions, Material and Colors

Cage: made of strong, stiff and mechanical resistant Polyamide PA12 (“Nylon”), a skin friendly thermoplast. Resistant to solvent, alcohol, urine: Heat resistant up to 90° C. Case 2 mm strong. Select from 2 colours.

Pin: Titanium, glossy polished. A cheaper, beginner, or “tester” version is also available in plastics (PA 12)

Locks:  german security lock (ASUS), refined by Lustlock (all corners and edges rounded), Optionally coated with silver or gold, and  with a special shackle, which fits only to the penicap.


In locked condition washing in the shower means a sufficient cleaning. Bring soap inside the case with your small finger and wipe out the inside. Nevertheless regular cleaning is recommended, at least once a fortnight, and take off the penicap. Put the case in a dish washing machine. You need also to check for irritations on the glans from time to time. The lock has to be maintained also in closed condition! (Clean, oil, sometimes ultrasound cleaning). See also detailed description in Penicap Care


Reviews, User Experience Reports

See page “Penicap Reviews” or external forum discussions , as in Chastity mansion, see also reviews in “Etsy

Photos of penicaps in use