Penicap Mounting Instructions

How to mount the Penicap penis cage

The mounting of a penicap can be tricky for the first few times. But you learn quickly, how to manage your glans inside, and how to insert the PA pin through the holes. Manouvring with your small finger inside helps a lot. A precondition for an easy insert is a completely soft penis.
The long shaft version is slightly more difficult, but also manageable.
Opening and taking off the Penicap is a matter of seconds.



Special Notes for the PA Penicap

(specially helpful for the long version):

  • place your penis in the housing, when completely small and limp.
  • make it wet with soap water, gel, or massage oil.
  • bring in your little finger on the bottom side, between case and penis flesh.
  • help to adjust, by massaging the penis in the correct position
  • align front hole opening with opening of urethra
  • introduce the pin
  • when pin is halfway in, introduce again your little finger on the bottom side.
  • lift away tissue with your finger, in order to get a gap between lower hole and case
  • come out with the pin, direct it with the little finger to align with the bottom hole
  • still keep away the tissue, when pushing the pin through from the front end, now with force.
  • As soon it looks out at the bottom case hole, pull it out completely from the bottom
  • check for correct position of the locking bar of the front end in its groove.
  • insert lock-shackle through the pin
  • check alignment of shackle, side of the closure hasp to lock
  • push lock home, whilst supporting pin from the front end.

Finished. You’re locked.

Special Notes for the Frenum Penicap

  • The frenum penicap is at first somewhat tricky for beginners to mount: Especially the insertion of the shackle though the holes needs some skill, which you can achieve easily with some practice, and it will become a quick job
  • as helping tools for insertion we recommend to use tweezers and nose pliers
  • a thin hose for insertion help comes with the frenum penicap
  • first, place the shackle in your frenum piercing, centered. Shackle legs pointing towards the base of the penis
  • insert the hose through the penicap case holes from the bottom,  as far that both ends poke out toward the opening of the case
  • insert each shackle leg into a hose ending
  • make your glans wet with soap water or gel
  • insert your penis in the case, whilst pulling slightly the hose underneath. the shackle legs will slip through the case’ holes, or will be centered precisely into the holes. If they won’t go through, help with the tweezers from inside.
  • as soon the legs look out grip them with the pliers and turn them out.
  • center the shackle legs towards the case’ lock housing.
  • push in the lock body towards the centered shackle legs, push it home until you hear a click
  •  you are locked. Finished!
  • opening is very quick and easy,  and needs no tools or further explanation