FAQ Penicap penis cage

Long or short  version?

The Penicap for Prince Albert comes in a short and  a long version. The long one is 20mm longer in the shaft behind the glans housing.

The Penicap long version is only needed, if you are able to masturbate by stroking the shaft, or by insertion of a finger or tools into the housing of the erect glans.  Is this case, the long version gives a better protection against masturbation.

In protection of unallowed sex, both versions are 100% secure.

An advantage of the short version is the better comfort. It is less bulky, more movable in your pants, better suited for sports

In the Frenum Version, there is only a long version. The fixation by a frenum piercing  is more flexible and movable than by Prince Albert attachement, so a long shaft is always needed to give enough protection against your manipulation!

Prince Albert or Frenum Model?

A question only if you have both piercings ready: then we recommend the PA fixation and model, it is a better, more precise fit than the frenum model. And you may choose between a short or long model. Frenum only long. (in PA version short and long available, see comment above in “Long or short  version?”.

Frenum Piercing Irritation by Penicap shackle

Frenum piercings are sometimes quite sensibel on pressure or pull. Sometimes they are too bulky to fit in the space between case and the frenum shackle (only Penicap Frenum’s).  You may try to improve:
a) small BCR ring or seamless piercing ring in the opening, and thread the lock-shackle through the ring.
b) take out some material inside of the case, at the bottom beneath the case, by a rasp or a grinder.You may take out up to 1mm locally there (Case thickness 2mm)

Sizing: Between two sizes, which one to choose?

Choose the smaller size. Better smaller, than too large.
An exception is if you wear it with a rolled back bulky foreskin. See comment  in “Foreskin” question.

Wrong Size: can i return and exchange?

NO, you cannot. Because of hygiencial reason, a worn, or even once tried on penicap cannot be returned anymore.  You agree to this condition explicitly in the shop checkout terms.

So be very careful with measuring, read carefully the measuring table instructions and be sure what you order.

If you chose wrong, you may reorder only the Penicap case and pin in another size, in the replacement part section. The lock is the same on all versions and sizes. If you reorder for another size because of wrong measures, we will give you an “error”  discount.

Foreskin: With a foreskin, is the penicap possible?

Basically yes, with some precautions: Both Frenum or PA versions can be worn. BUT: the foreskin has to be worn ALWAYS rolled back inside the housing, at least on the bottom side. This is usually only possible, if your foreskin is loose. So be sure, that you can wear your foreskin continously rolled back, also in erect state, and without problems.

A rolled back, tight foreskin can be dangerous and cause a strangulation of the penis, and end in a true emergency (“Paraphimosis”) !!

Airport Alarm: is the Penicap airport safe?

Yes it is. And tested many times in different variations. The amount of metal is too  small and its consistence of metals (brass, titan) do not set off the alarm level.

If you are scanned by a handscanner, the low signal they receive can be the same as from the metal zipper from you pants.

Health risks: Is there any danger  for health to wear the Penicap for a long time?

Test the Penicap first for a short time, then extend the periods and always have a look, if there is discomfort, pain, itiching or skin irritation. If everthing is ok after 1 week of continous wearing day AND night, there should be no problem anymore.  Maybe you need some intervalls to get used to it, but usually it can be worn immediately without problems.

If something is wrong, you will notice yourself (itching, pain etc.). Be sure that you have in the test period the key reachable.

Sports ?

All kind of sports can be performed with the Penicap mounted. There is no disturbing, uncomfort etc.. We recommend to wear a tight fit briefs to prevent dangling around. Also sports like riding, bicycling, diving, swimming are no problem.
The still preserved “flexibility” of the penis makes it possible to place the penis in a desired position, inc. Penicap. A big plus against testicle clamp models!

Cleanliness, Hygiene, Smell?

The penicap can be cleaned sufficiently also in the worn and locked condition. During shower, soap it and rub soap outside, also inside. In a limp condition it should be possible to bring in the little finger also to rub at least partially the inside of the case. This will take most oft he smell.

In the toilet, always swab away with a piece of toilet paper remain drops of urine from the case. This helps a lot!

Cleaning case and lock?

The case and pin can be washed with soap and a brush. Occasionally, a thorough  cleaning in the dishwasher is recommended. But never hotter than 55° C (131° F).
The lock should be taken off periodically and manually cleaned.
A second possibility is to clean the lock in a ultrasonic cleaner.
After cleaning, oil with WD40, and turn the lock cylinder several times.

Lock corrosion?

The locks are suited for a wet climate. They resist wetness in shower, swimming, urine, also salt water etc.
For keeping the function they have to be cleaned and oiled regularly.
For a permanent wearing we recommend the lock types A, B, C, and Z. They are without steel spring, the shackle is pure titanium and abrasive resistant. N locks are suited preferably for short term applications.

Changing colors: Possible?

Changing colors is basically possible. All bodies of Penicaps are based on a grey or white Polyamid (PA12, or also known as  Nylon), which are dyed in one of the offered colors. All colors we use are skinfriendly dyes, with a abrasive resisting coating. These colors are skinfriendly and approved.
You can paint your penicap, but be aware of the color you use: many colors and its solvent can cause allergies by ongoing skin contact!

Shortening case possible?

If the case is too long in small condition (pressing backward and pulling from the front):
Yes, shortening possible. In the short version you may take off 5mm of the rear tube of shaft, in the long max. 25 mm.
Use a precise saw, round the cut with a rasp and grinding paper.

Note: color changes at the cut (grey or white case).

Emergency: How to take off the Penicap without keys?

We recommend, that you carry the second key with you: in a sealed envelope, in a resin cast, or whatever storage place you may imagine, which contains a sealed proof to your keyholder to make sure you didn’t cheat with the key.

If you need remove the Penicap in an emergency anyway, cut the small shackle with a strong pliers (best with a leverage pliers) in the gap between  the PA pin and the lock housing. The shackle is not very hard (brass).

By this, you “only” destroy the shackle, everything else remains intact.

Never try to cut the PA pin or the Penicap housing, first it is difficult to access, second it’s a risk of injury.