Penicap Frenum

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Peniscage for Frenum Piercing


PeniCap Frenum
The serious chastity solution for men with a Frenum Piercing 3mm, and removed or loose foreskin.
Fixation inside the cage with a special angled hasp which goes out into the lock

Long Version (only):  Shaft on top 30mm lenght or more (depending of size)

Sizes: A – F
See outer dimensions and measurement chart for your sizing under “Dimensions“.

Case Polyamid :  3 colours: black, beige, pink,  polished with slightly rough surface (protection against sliding)

Pin:  Titanium hasp 2.8mm highly polished

Padlock:   silver or gold coated brass, rounded corners and edges, 2 keys steel


Most variants of  SHORT Penicaps Frenum or PA 5 MM are in stock and can be shipped  within 3 days.

LONGSHAFT and /or  8 MM version now at backorder only (approx. 3-4 weeks)
REASON for PRICE DIFFERENCES: The increasing price for larger sizes is due to the manufacturing process, in which a significant amount of additional thermoplast is used for larger sizes.