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10 days since locked

Well we are now at 10 days since locked. So far absolutely no issues. The cage has fit better than I could have imagined. The cage still has say exactly where it was when it was installed. We love the pink look and overall look of the cage. The girlfriend loves it and has said if all goes well, there is not to be any unlocks this year. I do have to stay up on the cleaning after each use knowing there are no days I will be let out in 2019. We love the cage. Thank you for a most excellent cage. I have attached a few pictures. Not sure if they can be used but will give anyone an idea of what it looks like on.
I’ve sure passed on good words and looks like a couple on FetLife are going to buy one. One who has now wants the extended version. Also I posted on Chastity Mansion. I love to share the feed back on such a great device.

I know we will be getting another as well. This time if possible a word on it. I would think Missy would fit. That’s what she is wanting.


A long fun journey lies ahead

I’ve tried a few plastic cages before and one metal. I didnt have much success with the plastic ones. So I finally got a metal cage. Will say the Lori’s tube was well worth it. But the weight was my only issue. Plus you can only go so narrow.
So I finally decided I would try a lustlock cage. Plastic again and secured with a PA. Suppose to be a very light and yet sturdy. So I couldnt beat the price.
Well I decided to email them and get information. The responses were very quick. Always within 24 hours. They had answered any questions I had. They had just put about the long version. Not even priced yet. But they did help me get the order through. Went with the smallest diameter
Per the measurements I should have went with atleast the second to smallest. But I went with how small things can get when cold. Not the normal size. Also when erect it wouldnt be the smallest cage either. But I would rather have it fit snug at all times than slide off being it’s an enclosed cage.
4 weeks the cage shipped and took a few weeks. To arrive. Box left no clue what it was. Yes I was really worried about that. Shipping label for customs said plastic brace.
I opened the box and its in a ziplock bag in with some shredded paper. Packaged just right to not allow it to be damaged.
I get it out and am saying wow. So lite. Only weight is the tiny lock. Very thin plastic put I squeezed it and felt no give or anything. Strong for its size. I decide to take it apart. The lock fits really snug in the little pocket they made for it. I debate do I wait till the girlfriend is up or lock it like she would want. So I decide to drop my pants and see if I can get it on. Using a Qtip as the site recommended. Well as normal for most things get hard. So I wait and continue a little and again before I get to far things get hard. So I figure I need to make things fit a bit quicker before it happened again. I take it off although it was halfway on. I decide this time to use some soap to help. It did and got it almost all the way as things got hard. Well it was late enough to allow me to fit the cage. I had to only align things a little and the pin went in perfect. I slip the lock ring in and slide the lock from the bottom. I went ahead and lock it. I hear the click and it’s on.
The fit was unbelievably perfect. I couldnt have asked for better.
So I let her know it was locked walking her up. She was excited. I put the keys on the dresser for her as she wanted them when she got up for the day. Later when she got up I showed her and she was super pleased with the pink and how it fit. She kept the keys there for if I had any issues. So I went all day and it had still fit better than I was expecting. Later she had made sure the keys were there. Came in and took them.
I had asked assuming all went good when would the next unlock be. She said she didnt know. But did made make sure I know it wont be any unlocks in 2019. And if all goes good there wont be any in 2020 either.
So this morning she went a good while teasing touching the only little area that isnt covered and making me get her off.
So far at 24 hours after being hard from the time time erections and the teasing. It still fits great no issues, no soreness of any type. Fitting like a second skin. It has kept me turned on and no real way to get off with it locked.
This will be a very fun journey as she has made it clear she will be keeping a close eye on it with no releases.
If anyone is interested in lustlock. Go with the long version and try to keep the sizing as small as you can safely. It is absolutely great. A long fun journey lies ahead.



I do want to say thank you. The cage did make it today. Very nice. I’m extremely pleased with the whole setup. Was actully easy to get on. I was thinking as all is covered it would be hard to fit. It was much easier than it looked. I sure plan to order more cages down the road. Would love to have the black and tan as well. Very well done. I will sure be a returning customer.
If you would like any pictures of it on to use on the site. I can send some.
Thank you very much for such a great device.


simply the best…

simply the best…
Der leichteste, kleinste und bequemste Keuschheitskäfig, den ich bisher durchprobiert habe.

unsichtbar, unspürbar, zuverlässig- nur dann wenn du Hand anlegen willst oder rumvögeln- dann spürst du was- dass das einfach nicht geht. Frustrierend, aufgeilend und doch das was ich wollte.

Bin nun seit 290 Tagen immer drin, Tag und Nacht, im Schwimmbad, beim Sport. Ausser für die Ausnahmen (Putzen, Sex, beim Arzt..). Und meine Mistress kann nicht mehr ohne leben. Sehr gefährlich.
War vorher mein PA Ring da unten mein permanter Begleiter, ist es nun der Penicap..

ein Stern weniger für den rel. hohen Preis.

Editor’s note:
Der Preis ist rel. hoch, weil das Teil nicht in Massenanfertigung gemacht wird, sondern in indivduellem 3 D Druck mit vielen Varianten wie 5 Grössen, Farben etc.


Locked up for 75 days

Locked up for 75 days in the long version of the Penicap. Super comfortable and is really like a second skin over my shaft.

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amazing product

I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing product! I ave been using the penicap for a few weeks now, and having used a lot of other chastity devices… I wish I would have just found this one first and saved myself a lot of money! This is far and away the best one I have ever used. No question

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a great product

I just wanted to say thank you for making such a great product. It may take a bit for my piercing to fit the penicap, and having it a millimeter or two bigger would help with those times when he goes above and beyond, size wise. I would also advise folks to make sure they measure from the beginning of the PA hole, not the end, it makes it easier to fit. But, I think you have the best product on the market and if men are able to go the distance, your product is the best.

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indeed a marvelous product

As promised please find in attach a couple of pictures of your wonder. I put it on Tuesday evening – and it hasn’t been off me since, and I don’t feel uncomfatable or anything (except of course for the need of a release). It is indeed a marvelous product – thanks a lot !!

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very happy customer

The marvelous product – I have worn it non-stop since it arrived (I can’t remember the date). For 8 weeks I have worn your Penicap-invention 24/7 – and it works completely as intended. I am a very happy customer, and will come back for more later.

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tried 3-4 different types

I have tried 3-4 different types made of steel (all from, see his homepage), the Tube, CB3000 and one made of “soft plastic”. All others than Penicap failed miserably in the basic function. All could be taken off without unlocking the system. So if not turning to a full-type belt, in my view Penicap is the most efficient (secure), most comfortably to wear and least visible of all “non-belt” types of chastity devices… and I have been trying out a few as you can see :o) I am a big fan of Penicap.

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the most secure, least intrusive chastity device on the market, by far.

The fit is very good. More snug, esp. when I’m hard, but no painful. And it seems even lighter than the last one; I have no need to wear underwear to support it. It also seems to hold odor less than the prior version, between showers. Really well done.

Thanks again. It’s the most secure, least intrusive chastity device on the market, by far.

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deutlich bequemer

ich finde den neuen PC2 gelungen, mag ich auch deshalb so empfinden, weil der erste enger war (ich bin nicht beschnitten). Gleichzeitig ist aber der Platz für die Eichel eventuell zu viel (Schaftdurchmesser ist ok). Ansonsten trägt er sich aber deutlich bequemer als der erste PC1.

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No problems at all

I have now used the penicap for a week. No problems at all. I don’t feel it night or day.  I have tried to cum but it is impossible using my hands.  It is quite fantastic.

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