This is probably the most comfortable PA chastity device i have ever worn. Been in the chastity life style for over 20 years. It is not heavy, thus it doesn’t pull down on the PA piercing causing it to rip or bleed. It doesn’t require the ring around the twins, so it doesn’t scratch or chafe. It is durable and during a recent move from one city to another, I could not even tell it was on except when a restroom break was required.
I would highly recommend this device. Pay attention to the sizing chart. If you measure correctly, the cap seems a little big, but you will not grow past the proper measurement. I would buy the size one or two sizes smaller if I were to purchase another one. But you don’t want the device to tight, either.

Great product. I wish they would have made this 20 years ago.

Penicap Peniscage