Penicap chastity cage

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The Penicap, a chastity cage for piercings in various sizes (see dimensions), is a own developement of in collaboration with a specialized piercing studio for chastity piercing in Switzerland.

A penis cage system, which is fixed on a Prince Albert or Frenum Piercing,  without any ballclamps. A unique solution for serious, longterm male chastity: comfort, safety, hygiene, everyday usability.

Versions of the PENICAP chastity cage:

  • Frenum Piercing

  • Prince Albert Piercing

The new Penicap v2 is now 2 years on the market. The new version is now made according individual configuration and sizes by 3d laserprinting.

New in the program we have a version for Frenum piercings wearers. Condition is a strong tissue bridge over the frenum (or it may tear) , and a 3mm piercing (9 G). No further Prince Albert fixation  necessary. Works only in combination with the longshaft variant of the Penicap, because Frenum piercings are somewhat moveable and do not give such a precise fixation like a PA piercing.

For PA Variant (Prince Albert) in 5 mm (4G) or 8mm (0 G) pin size: Longshaft available, which is, depending on the size, 24 – 28mm longer. Suitable for men, who can masturbate by stroking the shaft only. But: it means also more volume, which is a slight drawback of the brilliant comfort of the short version.


  • PRINCE ALBERT PIERCING  of 5mm or 8mm (4 or 0 G)
  • FRENUM PIERCING of 3mm (9 G)
  • CIRCUMCISED or LOOSE FORESKIN (which can be worn permanently rolled back)

Function and Description of the Penicap Chastity Cage

The glans is protected by a anatomical formed, hard-case thermoplast lightweight mould, in which the glans gets locked by a pin, which replaces the Prince Albert piercing. The mould is in some dimensions slightly undersized to your measurements. The erected glans gets clamped in the specially designed housing, and will not move forth or back anymore. The pin is locked outside of the case by a tiny, special designed security lock. The case inhibits any manipulation, touching, caressing, pumping etc of the glans. Only in a limp state a movement of the shaft and glans against the housing is possible.

Because of its compact and small construction, comfort and hygienic conditions,

Short or Long Version?

The long version is 20mm longer than the short (Frenum only in long, PA short or long version).

The long one is recommended to men who are able to cum by stroking the shaft, without touching the glans.
The short version has less volume, gives your penis more movement and more flexibility in your pants.

The long version is sligthly more difficult to mount: insertion of the PA pin or the hasp needs more training, and the help of a tool like tweezers or nose pliers. But you will succeed.

Frenum Penicaps must be longshaft, otherwise fraud is possible.

Taking off is as quick as in the short version.

see also frequently asked questions about chastity cages in the FAQ

Penis cage PA short version

penis cage PA short version

Peniscage PA long version

Peniscage PA long version

Wearing Time

The Penicap can be worn for unlimited time and in every possible life situation- sports, cyling, riding, swimming, etc..It can be worn under tight jeans.It is airport safe. The penicap is very comfortable, the wearer gets immediately used and will not notice the presence of a PeniCap.


Only under erection you will feel the sensation of pressure on your glans. The PeniCap allows erections, which are not painful. To allow erections (especially in sleep) is more sound than to hamper them, what most other chastity device do. And more erotical in play (teasing and denial…)
Sleep may be interrupted in the beginnig of wearing, but this subsides in most cases quickly in a few days.


is easily possible. Also peeing in standing position is possible with a fairly good jet through the front hole. Mop up remaining drops of urine with a piece of toilet paper. The inside can dry by the perforated and ventilated design.


In locked condition wash in the shower a sufficient cleaning. Bing soap inside the case with your small finger and wipe out the inside. Nevertheless regular cleaning is recommended, at least once a fortnight, and take off the penicap. Put the case in a dish washing machine. You need also to check for irritations on the glans from time to time. The lock has to be maintained also from time to time. (Clean, oil, sometimes ultrsound cleaning). See also detailed description in Penicap Care

Everyday usability

All existing other male chastity devices like the CB’s , full cover models etc., have essential drawbacks for a everyday usability. The well known problems are insufficient functionality, i.e. protection against masturbation or ways to escape. Chafing, bulky volume, poor hygiene, simply uncomfortable or harmful for health (models with clamping behind the testicles may constrict and retain venous testicular bloodflow, and have a permanent high pressure on the skin), are the major drawbacks.

Few men succeded to orgasm also in a Penicap, mainly by stroking the shaft alone above the cage. But it makes it really difficult, and for the majority unpossible to cum. But for those intractables we have developped the longshaft model…

PA version bottom/ inside

Frenum Version

peniscage Frenum version


Outer dimensions short tube version: from 45 x 37 x 48 mm (incl. lockhousing) to 57 x 51 x 64 mm, acc. to model size.

Outer dimensions long tube version: from 45 x 37 x 66 mm (incl. lockhousing) to 57 x 51 x 92 mm, acc. to model size.

For inner dimensions and how to choose your size see DIMENSIONS


Cage and pin made of strong, stiff and mechanical resistand Polyamid (“Nylon”), a skinfriendly thermoplast. Resistant to solvent, alcohol, urine etc., heat resistent up to 90°C.

Colors FDA approved.

In a superior version the pin can also be ordered in Tianium, glossy polished.

Locks are a german security lock qualitity brand product, which have been refined by Lustlock (same type of lock like for piercings locks: all corners and edges rounded), coated with silver or gold, and  with a special hasp which fits only to the penicap.


total ca. 30 gr incl. lock

Versions and Colors

– Case polyamid: in several colors and sizes (see shop), slightly rough surface (better protection against slipping!)

– Pin: Polyamdid black, polished,, in correspondant size to the case, or Titnanium polished.

– Lock in gold or silver coated. Gold lock with keys in steel or gold, silver lock with keys in silver only.

invisible penis cage

Reviews in other websites:

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Examples of Penicaps

PC old series black

PC PA long pink

PC PA long pink

FAQ about the Penicap

Long or short version?

The Penicap for Prince Albert comes in a short and  a long version. The long one is 20mm longer in the shaft behind the glans housing.

The Penicap long version is only needed, if you are able to masturbate by stroking the shaft, or by insertion of a finger or tools into the housing of the erect glans.  In this case, the long version gives a better protection against masturbation.

In protection of unallowed sex, both versions are 100% secure.

An advantage of the short version is the better comfort. It is less bulky, more movable in your pants, better suited for sports

In the Frenum Version, there is only a long version. The fixation by a frenum piercing  is more flexible and movable than by Prince Albert attachement, so a long shaft is always needed to give enough protection against your manipulation!

Prince Albert or Frenum Model?

Only a question if you should have both piercing openings ready: then we recommend the PA fixation and model, it is a better, more precise fit than the frenum model. And you also may choose the short model (in PA version short and long available, see comment above in “Long or short  version?”.

Sizing: Between two sizes, which one to choose?

Choose the smaller size. Better smaller, than too large.

Exception only, if you wear it with a foreskin,   see comment  in “Foreskin” question.

Wrong size: Can i return and exchange?

NO, YOU CANNOT. Because of hygiencial reason, a worn, or even only once tried on, penicap cannot be returned anymore.  You agree to this condition explicitly in the shop checkout terms.

So be very careful with measuring, read carefully the measuring table instructions and be sure what you order.

If you chose wrong, you may reorder only the Penicap case and pin in another size, in the replacement part section. The lock is the same on all versions and sizes. If you reorder for another size because of wrong measures, you may ask for a “error” discount.

Foreskin: With a foreskin, is the penicap possible?

Basically yes, with some precautions: Both Frenum or PA versions can be worn. BUT: the foreskin has to worn ALWAYS rolled back inside the housing. This is usually only possible, if your foresking is loose. So be sure, that you can wear your foreskin continously rolled back, also in erect state, and without problems.Usually the Penicap case should be 1 size larger to take the backrolled foreskin in.

A rolled back, tight foreskin can be dangerous and cause a strangulation of the penis, and end in a true emergency (“Paraphimosis”) !!

Airport Alarm: is the Penicap airport safe?

Yes it is. And tested many times in different variations. The amount of metal is so little and it’s consistence of metals (brass, titan) do not set off the alarm level.

If you are scanned by a handscanner, the low signal they receive is the same as from the metal zipper from you pants. And by manual inspection, they won’t discover, because it’s so small…

Health risks: Is there any danger for health to wear the Penicap for a long time?

Test the Penicap first for a short time, then prolong and always have a look, if there is discomfort, pain, itiching or skin irritation. If everthing is ok after 1 week of continous wearing day AND night, there should be no problem anymore.  Maybe you need some intervalls to get used to it, but usually it can be worn immediately without problems.

If something is wrong, you will feel this yourself (itching, pain etc.). Be sure that you have in the test period the key reachable.

Sports ?

All kind of sports can be performed with the Penicap mounted. There is no disturbing, uncomfort etc.. We recommend to wear a tight fit briefs to prevent dangling around. Also sports like riding, bicycling, diving, swimming are no problem.
The still preserved “flexibility” of the penis makes it possible to place the penis in a desired position, inc. Penicap. A big plus against testicle clamp models!

Cleanliness, Hygiene, Smell?

The penicap can be cleaned sufficiently also in the worn and locked condition. During shower, soap it and rub soap outside, also inside. In a limp condition it should be possible to bring in the little finger also to rub the inside of the case at least partially. This will take most oft he smell.

In the toilet, always swab away with a piece of toilet paper remain drops of urine from the case. This helps a lot!

Cleaning case and lock?

The case and pin can be washed with soap and a brush. Occasionally, a thorough  cleaning in the dishwasher is recommended. But never hotter than 55° C (131° F).
The lock should be taken off periodically and manually cleaned.
A second possibility is to clean the lock in a ultrasonic cleaner.
After cleaning, oil with WD40, and turn the lock cylinder several times.


Lock corrosion?

The locks are suited for a wet climate. They resist wetness in shower, swimming, urine, also salt water etc.
For keeping the function they have to be cleaned and oiled regularly.
For a permanent wearing we recommend the lock types A, B, C, and Z. They are without steel spring, the shackle is pure titanium and abrasive resistant.N locks are suited preferably for short term applications.


Emergency: How to take off the Penicap without keys?

We recommend, that you carry the second key with you: in a sealed envelope, in a resin cast, or whatever storage place you may imagine, which contains a sealed proof to you keyholder, that you didn’t cheat with the key.

If you need to remove the Penicap in an emergency anyway, cut the small shackle with a strong pliers (best with a leverage pliers) in the gap between  the PA pin and the lock housing. The shackle is not very hard (brass).

By this, you “only” destroy the shackle, everything else remains intact.

Never try to cut the PA pin or the Penicap housing, first it is difficult to access, second, the material is strong and hard, third, it’s a risk of injury.