Well we are now at 10 days since locked. So far absolutely no issues. The cage has fit better than I could have imagined. The cage still has say exactly where it was when it was installed. We love the pink look and overall look of the cage. The girlfriend loves it and has said if all goes well, there is not to be any unlocks this year. I do have to stay up on the cleaning after each use knowing there are no days I will be let out in 2019. We love the cage. Thank you for a most excellent cage. I have attached a few pictures. Not sure if they can be used but will give anyone an idea of what it looks like on.
I’ve sure passed on good words and looks like a couple on FetLife are going to buy one. One who has now wants the extended version. Also I posted on Chastity Mansion. I love to share the feed back on such a great device.

I know we will be getting another as well. This time if possible a word on it. I would think Missy would fit. That’s what she is wanting.