I just wanted to say thank you. It’s been a year since the order. It has been absolutely great. Only things that have changed are the color. It’s almost white with a hint of pink. I wish there were a way to keep the bright color it had. But the fit is been fantastic. It was locked for a first month with no release. Taken off a couple of days and then was locked for 8 months. Not a single unlock for that whole time. I had got a prostate infection and was not from the chastity. Was removed a few days and locked back on. We have loved it so much that the girl friend decided it’s to remain locked until either I bought a new one that will be bright pink again or when I finally do buy a belt. But the chastity is there to remain for many years if it continues great like it is. It is absolutely the best. We both love it. Thank you for making a super comfortable and secure chastity. I love it.